53 Kids Registered

in Weekend Blitz!



We've now reached our first milestone of

100 children registered!

During the first few weeks of May, Sarah Westerman of Head Start and Olycap kickstarted registrations with 43 Head Start families. Then on Mother's Day Weekend, Rotarian volunteers staged a three-location blitz.

Registrations on site along with those coming in steadily through the mail since that weekend have now exceeded 100.  An extra surprise - that little Alphabet decorated box pictured on the tables brought just under $800 in cash donations.  We are well on our way.

We're getting ready to open registrations through the Jefferson County Library system, school libraries, Port Townsend Library and Book Mobile so children will receive books throughout the summer. 

The word is out. Now we have to get serious about raising funds. On June 10 we are convening the DPIL Committee to develop a strategic Funding Plan for '21-'22. 

In the meantime...as The Little Engine That Could says:

"I know I can, I know I can!"



Dolly Parton believes that if you can read, you can do anything, dream anything and be anything.


Dolly's "can-do" attitude is exactly what Rotary is all about. And that is why our Rotary Club of Port Townsend has decided to be the Jefferson County Affiliate for Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.

And we need your help.

A donation of $25

buys a year of books for each child.  

$100 will send books to

4 children for 1 year.


Port Townsend Rotary has made a long-term commitment, as Dolly Parton Imagination Library's Affiliate to bring to the children in Jefferson County under the age of 5, one age-appropriate book per month free of charge, no matter the family income. Children will receive 12 books per year, 60 books in total by the age of 5!

The benefits to the children of our Community will be felt not only as their children enter Kindergarten and early grades but as research has proved, well into their teens and adult lives.

Reading ability is the most important factor in educational success. Children who are read to beginning in infancy to toddlers who learn by repetition, develop early the basic skills needed to learn to read.

The free Imagination Library Books are selected annually by specialists in early childhood education including the classics as well as new favorites. Teacher and parent tips are included in each selection.

The impact on the lives of our children, their families and our local Jefferson County community includes:  children will be read to, family reading will increase, child and adult literacy will improve, children will gain the skills fundamental to learning how to read, and children will enter kindergarten well prepared for success.





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