Team Green loaned it’s first money in the Kiva System in October 2013 with $100 provided by our club. Four $25 loans were made, three of them to African women with a business plan and one to an Albanian man. One of the loans was to go toward a dairy cow, one for 2 sacks of salted fish to sell, and one went for planting costs for taro root and bananas. 2 of the loans have been 100% repaid. One has been 89% paid as of June, 2014.
The fourth loan was cancelled, placing the $25 back in our loan account. Apparently one of the loan criteria had not been met.

This Kiva project can take as much or as little time as one wants to spend. It is amazing to go online and read about these people with families to
support and an idea for making some income. Often they belong to a group, either working together on a larger project or on individual projects about which they exchange ideas and feedback with each other. You can see a picture of the applicant, often taken at their plot of land, roadside stand, or with their group. Although the amount loaned is very small when compared with our US type loans, their livelihood depends on making
their proposed venture a success. They pay back the loans because they need to keep open their credit options. When they pay back the loan
the money comes back to our Kiva account to be loaned out again.

Team Green is young and till now has consisted of one person. A club member expressed an interest in joining me. I think she is out of town and I’m waiting to talk with her. I think it would be fun to have a total of 3 people on the team. I’m adding $100 more to our account so we’d have $200 to
loan out again. Each team member could look at loan applicants online and pick out 2 or 3 that are of interest. We could have one meeting
and bounce back and forth our ideas. We’d loan out the money and we can follow them online. If there is a relatively new club member that would find this to be of interest please let me know.
David Whitney