Port Townsend Rotary's International Committee surprised their fellow club members by pulling names from a hat, handing out actual $50 bills to teams of them and asking those teams to go spend it - on helping others from around the world to build better lives for their families through KIVA Micro Loans.

$50 cash was distributed to each of three teams who will research loan applicants on the KIVA website and make a group decision about which applicant to support. The team members will go to the following site to do their research:  www.kiva.org

Team One Team Two
Team Four

Last August with our club sent $9,425 to the Rotary Club in Pokara, Nepal for earthquake relief. We sent funds to help construct homes for those made homeless by the earthquake. Unfortunately the political/economic conditions in Nepal have become more dire. We heard from our Rotarian contact in Pokara, Kiran Lal Shrestha, that building materials have become very difficult to procure due to unforeseen circumstances. With winter coming Kiran also asked if we would consider redirecting up to $4,500 of our funds for 500 blankets & 500 sweaters for children/adults without resources to purchase. Our International Committee recommended & our Board approved for Kiran to purchase & distribute the blankets & sweaters as soon as possible. The attached pictures are of 300 blankets being distributed the last week of November. In this season of Thanksgiving/Christmas it is heartwarming to see how our solidarity with and support of other Rotarians will literally be warming folk who have so little in Nepal.

Grateful for your good support,

Bob Slater, Chair, International Committee



Elderly woman waiting for blanket distribution