March Lunch Program Listings
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Service Above Self
03/09/21 Homeless Camps and other solutions
03/30/21 Fort Worden Public Development Authority
Fort Worden, and the myriad organizations that call it home, play a vital role in fueling tourism and local jobs. The pandemic has been hard on the State’s “co-manager,” the Fort Worden Lifelong Learning Center PDA. Other organizations, including Centrum, stand ready to work with City officials and its other non-profit partners to reimagine a more durable future for the campus and its enterprises. Centrum Executive, Rob Birman, will discuss the latest developments and expand on how Centrum is evolving to meet the new future.
Rob Berman
Cherish Cronmiller
Cherish Cronmiller, the Executive Director of Olympic Community Action Programs, and PT Rotary member, will be presenting about the homeless situation in Jefferson County. She will provide an overview of what is happening at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, and how the situation came about. Cherish will explain the eviction moratorium and existing case law that supports the unsheltered. Learn about the homeless support services in our community and where the gaps may exist. Finally, learn about what you can do to support the unsheltered (or inadequately sheltered) in our community.
03/16/21 75 Years ago, War came to our shores A Tribute to those who served
David Richardson will present why the event was important, the flight to San Diego, the COVID impacts on the mission, loading the aircraft aboard the Essex, the Pacific passage and the formal activities in Hawaii. This once in a lifetime trip will be presented with photos and video taken along the way as a trubute to those who served and those who sacrificed their lives in support of our Freedom.
“Chimacum and Port Townsend school districts innovate by combining forces for a better student experience. Learn more from Acting Superintendent David Engle and colleagues.”