April Lunch Program Listings
4/6 TBA
4/20 DG Greg Horn 2020-2021 Rotary District 5020
4/27                         NW School of Wooden Boat Building
4/13 Reinventing The Village For Modern Times
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Service Above Self
We help children and families by creating a seamless culture of commitment, strengthening and expanding community connections, and linking families to necessary service and support.
Cherish Cronmiller
Danny Milholland
Additional details to follow
Betsy Davis Executive Director
Last year the Boat School had a riddle to solve: how to keep students safe during a pandemic while still teaching “hands-on” competencies. The school’s staff, board and students all pulled together to change shop setup and procedures, add online communication strategies, accelerate scenario planning, and keep a laser eye on cash management. We even have a new vocabulary: COVID, ZOOM, PPP, “pivot”, and “you’re on mute”. Betsy will share some of the lessons the team learned and how responding to COVID strengthened the school for the future.
One day a friend called and asked, “What do you know about Rotary?” Greg replied, “Not much. It is a service club that meets for lunch in just about every community I have traveled through. After attending a few meetings, he was hooked. He had found the perfect way to give back to his community and have fun while doing it. After joining Lakewood Rotary in 1996 he became active in just about every aspect of the club. 2009-2010 brought a year of being club president, and then three years as assistant governor followed.